If you stop and think there are so many different things we can do everyday to benefit us physically. I’m talking about getting the most health benefits from doing simple things a little different that we are used to. The good part is these are activities we already do, but lets stop and see if we can do them in a new way to get the most benefit out of them.

I know you have heard this before but it all adds up to make a difference in out health. Take the steps instead of elevator, especially if it is only a few flights of stairs.When you are walking to and from, try to pick up the pace. Walk more briskly every where you go. You will burn more calories throughout the day and it will make you feel better about yourself.

Why sit and watch TV commercials when we can get up and do something. Do some stretches, take out the garbage, go upstairs and pick up dirty clothes. Organize a messy room.Do not sit down and talk on the phone. Get up and walk around, move around, the key is to use the time we would typically be inactive and turn it into something active. They all add up at the end of the day.

Do you daily chores everyday. How To Take the dog for a walk, empty and take out trash, clean a bathroom or dust of some furniture. be productive and active and it will have enduring benefits to you.Go outside and do something. Pick up trash or sticks in the yard, gardening, cleaning garage, anything that gets you up and moving. It is more difficult to sit around and do nothing outside. Plus you get the benefit the sun and fresh air. Have fun with it and try new ideas to get up and be more active in everything you do.

Secondly, reach out for 20 to 30 minutes everyday and read/research/view/listen something new and outside of your normal sphere of relevance. Check out whats trending on Google, within the blogosphere, listen to new music, look at an art exhibit, watch some hilarious YouTube videos about cats doing the most obnoxiously cute things you’ve ever seen in your life. Get those synapses firing in your brain and they will find new and exciting ideas that will bubble to the surface. Plus blogging daily can be a grind and its important to find a balance between your creative and basically your mental sanity and the mental sanity of those around you.

Be stupid and make connections. Being stupid and making connections is going to help me keep content fresh while im blogging?? Sure is. Observing on the common, everyday things that happen in your everyday world and relating those things to the people around you is a crazy way to connect with people WHILE having an endless supply of stories and anecdotes developed on an everyday basis just while being your super awesome self. It doesn’t always need to be super topical, just things that made you smile, frown, cry, giggle with your hand over your mouth, home alone scream, etc. Relate your reactions.